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Mehndi bridal party

Mehndi and bridal shower party

Mehndi and bridal shower party - Maharani Arts of India

Here are our new proposals to celebrate the bridal shower party in exotic and original way!

Bollywood Wedding coreography: Lab Bollywood Class to learn a choreography in Bollywood style to be repeated at marriage or to have fun with her friends for the bridal shower party! During the lesson the bride and the group of friends can learn a dance choreography inspired by the latest hits from Bollywood cinema also propose during the wedding! Duration of the lesson: 1 hour and 30 - Minimum 6 people maximum 15 people.

Mehndi Party: The most traditional festival for bridal shower parties in india. Indian ceremony and preparation of the bride with henna Mehndi tattoos. Traditionally the henna tattoo is applied the day before the wedding at a party with all the friends of the bride. Dressing the bride with a SAREE, a typical Indian dress size from a piece of fabric long 6 meters and a half. During the ceremony will be served masala chai (Indian tea), raisins and Indian snacks. About 2 hours - min. 6 people

Mehndi Party + Veg Apericena: The proposal of preparation of the bride with henna tattoos with an apericena BIO VEG to celebrate the bride inspired by the colors of India 100% vegan and natural prepared by our Vegan Chef Marco Mudra. The aperitif will be served in our location comfortably seated on cushions and Indian rugs, oriental ambiance with candles and accompanied by Indian music. Duration about 3 hours - min. 6 persons / max 20

Bollywood Show & Mehndi Party: During the Indian ceremony of preparation of the bride and friends with henna tattoos you can watch the performance of professional dancers of Bollywood Dance Rajput Maharani. The bride and the group will be then involved in the dance at the rhythm of  BOLLYWOOD music! During the ceremony served masala chai (Indian tea), raisins and Indian snacks. Duration about 3 hours.

Kama Suite Party
With candles and oriental ambience accompanied by Indian music, the bride and her friends will be immersed in the magical atmosphere and pampered with gentle massage and beauty inspired to Ayurveda with natural oils benefits. Henna will then be applied to choice of hands / feet / arms of the bride and friends. Duration about 3 hours, min 6 persons / max 15

Maharani Suite Lab
Another formula to celebrate with friends the bridal shower party, inspired by the magical atmosphere of India. Each participant will have the chance to learn a choreography in Bollywood style and be able to make a photo shoot specifically with the combination of colors and clothes more suited to your personality and style. You can experience a day from Maharani.
Photoshoot for the bride and girlfriends dressed with original Indian clothes, hair and makeup. Pictures over and re-edited by the participant.
Duration about 3 hours mn 6-max 15 persons

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 - Maharani Arts of India

 - Maharani Arts of India