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Indian Dances

MAHARANI is the Dance School and Company founded by Maya Devi in 2007 in Milan.

The first dance school that offers classes of Rajasthani Gypsy Dance, Kalbeliya, Ghoomar, Sapera, Indian Peacock dance, in Italy.

The School also organizes classes and workshop with international artists of Bollywood Dance, Mystical dances and Indian dances like Asian Balinese dances and Chinese dances or Geisha.

The Company is based in Milan, but organizes courses and workshops throughout Italy and abroad.

MAHRANI also organizes culturalevents, shows, performances and private parties, dinner & show, wedding and mehndi parties and bespoke events!

Rajasthani Gypsy Dances

Rajasthani Gypsy Dances - Maharani Arts of India

These original dances of Rajasthan are considered to be the roots of some oriental dances andFlamenco. From the Thar desert in Rajasthan the Indo-European migration of Gypsies over 500 years ago and has influenced the culture, the traditions, the dances of Europe and North Africa.
Kalbelia dance is one of the most sensual gipsy dance forms of Rajasthan. This fascinating dance is native of Kalbelia dance community "the snake charmers", living in the Thar desert in India.

Maya Devi was repeatedly invited to represent the Indian dances at the International Congress of CID UNESCO

Bollywood Dance & Academy

Bollywood Dance & Academy - Maharani Arts of India

The Bollywood dance is a contemporary fusion of a long artistic tradition that crosses the entire Indian history. His spectacular charm is widely spread far beyond the borders of India thanks to the success of major film productions, in which dancing plays a central role.

The tradition of sacred dance joins in this discipline to Middle Eastern influences particularly present in the North of the country and the celebration of folk dances.

Mystical Sufi Dance

Mystical Sufi Dance - Maharani Arts of India

The rotary movement invokes the same movement of the universe, in which everything revolves: atoms, the Earth, the planets around the Sun, the thought itself. Sufi dance represents the spiritual ascent of man towards God, in which the personality dissolves and returns to Earth. Movement and rhythm, as the dances or the recitation of repetitive formulas (mantra) facilitate an altered state of consciousness.

The mind calms down and at the same time you go out from space and time.

Sacred Dance Devadasi

Sacred Dance Devadasi - Maharani Arts of India

The sacred dance of DEVADASI (sacred dancers of Hindu temples) becomes a sort of prayer in movement, depicting the game gods and their interaction with the human world, expressing at the same time the nine basic feelings of the soul. The intent of its language is symbolic one of moving in different moods making the viewer as participant as the interpreter.

Music, poetry, color and rhythm whose message is directed according to senses, are especially directed by the inner soul of the dancer.

Maharani Arts of India

Mehndi and Bridal shower party

Maharani Arts of India

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Maharani Arts of India

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