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Maharani Events & Show Planning

Maharani Events & Show Planning - Maharani Arts of India

Maharani Arts & Dances of India proposes Bollywood & Indian style shows with Indian and exotic themes inspired by the cultures of India and Asia "SILK ROAD", for private events, business, corporate and cultural festivals. Maharani Indian Dance Group, founded by Maya Devi, is formed by an Italian and Indian professional team of dancers that will make any event special, exotic and elegant.
Dances and acts of our dance group are inspired by the many dances of India: from glitzy Bollywood dance, the elegant dances of the court of Maharaja, with sensual Gipsy dances of Rajasthan, the Marathi dance-theater, the sacred dances of the Temple and the Qawwali Sufi dances. The Maharani company performs in Milan, in Italy and abroad.

Maharani Arts & Dances of India will be at your disposal to organize the show of your dreams in an exotic style. Your guests will be immersed in an experience of colors and new sensations. The event can be customized in detail and on request will be possible to involve the public in learning a dance!

-MUJRA STYLE PARTY "Courtesans Mughul"

Contact us to receive our BROCHURE to view all our proposals!

CONTACTS & BOOKING: Tel. + 39 388 4072480


VIP events & people

VIP events & people - Maharani Arts of India

The RAJPUT MAHARANI company participated in important events and danced in national and international theatres, private parties and TV shows:

-May-July 2016 - Mayur Indian Dance Fest third edition in Milano, with the support of Indian Console and Incredible India

-March 2016 - Participation to Italian TV Show "Detto Fatto" with Devdas Redhola Performance

-July 2015-Maya Devi guest of honour for the Indian dances to CID UNESCO Conference in Athens

-June 2015-Dreaming India Show with special guest artist and choreographer of Bollywood Pangali Karan

-June-July 2015 review of Indian dances and music Mayur Indian Dance Fest organised by Maya Devi with the support of general Consulate of India in Milan

-May 2015 Show DIVINEAT show concerning themes of Expo 2015 organized with Mudra in Milan

-May-2015 Amber Dutta, members of the Dance Company at only 12 years old arrives at Italy's Got Talent semifinals with Bollywood Dance Coreography “Chikny Chameli” by Maya Devi

-February 2015-Bollywood Night Show in Milan Special Guest Sneha Mistri from Spain

-January 2015-Maharani Dance Dance for Incredible India tourism fair BIT for the opening ceremony

-November 2014-Gulabi Show organized by Maya Devi in Milan to support the struggle of the Gulabi Gang in India to combat violence against women, special guest Francesca Senette

-November 2014-Maharani Dance participate in the tv show the Colors of Love aired on Real Time TV Channel, dancing at Kriss Kajal wedding, a member of the dance company

-May-July 2014-Maya Devi organizes Bollywood shows Circus and Mystic Gypsy Soul with international artists in Padua

-January 2014-Nomad Dance Fest on Tour in India -March2014

– Show DAKINI Hymn to Tara Goddess for the project “Il profumo della vita”

-October 2013-participation in the NESCAFE TV commercial filmed in Garibaldi station in Milan

-January 2013-64° Indian Republic Day in Milan-Rajput Maharani invited by Indian Console and Incredible India at the celebration of Republic day at Palazzo Clerici in Milan.

-December 2012 RIVER TO RIVER Florence film festival. Maya Devi and Rajput Maharani dance in honor of Amitabh Bachchan, the great Bollywood star who presented his latest film.

-October 2012-NOMAD DANCE FEST-Gala show "GIPSY ROUTES with international artists such as Rafaela Carrasco, Les Troublamours, Sayari Sapera.

-July 2012-CID UNESCO International Congress in San Marino. Maya is the guest of honour for the Indian dances.

-July 2012-Tuareg DESERT VOICES Festival with dances during the concert of TINARIWEN, Grammy Award winners for the 2012 world music.

-June 2012-FIESTA NOMADAS Syusy Blady, organized under the artistic direction of Maya Devi.

-March 2012 INDIA, Jaipur, Fort Pachewar "NOMAD ROUTES" show in one of the oldest fort in Rajasthan.

-February 2012 BIT Milan-Incredible India Stand-India tourism. Performance for the opening ceremony in the presence of the Indian Ambassador and Director of the India Tourism.

- Dec. MISS INDIA 2011 ITALY Milan Performance for the Gala evening for the election of Miss India Italy.

-Dec. 2011 RIVER TO RIVER Indian Film festival Firenze-Florence opening and closing ceremony.

-Nov. MILAN EXPO 2011 DANCE "Nomad Routes"

-Oct. 2011 Milan Show NOMAD DANCE FEST Gala performance of Gipsyes and Rajasthan Dhoad Suva Devi.


-Oct. 2011 Maya Devi Maharani and Rajput dance in honor of AMMA, the great mother to hug-Palasesto Milan in television

Maharani Arts of India

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Maharani Arts of India

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